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Hi! We're Jeromie and Madeline !

Wine enthusiasts and adventure seekers

We're Jeromie and Madeline Hill from @TheWiningHills- yes, you read that correctly! We love wine so much that we named ourselves The Wining Hills. We started our Instagram page a little over a year ago in hopes of documenting our sabbatical year abroad. This past year was absolutely life changing and thought we would create a platform where we can share our tips and tricks that we've learned from traveling. With that said- welcome to our blog!

The Wining Hills Travel Blogger

A little about us:

We have been together for over 8 years and have currently traveled to 27 countries! We met at University in San Antonio where Jeromie was on scholarship for basketball and I was on the dance team. Jeromie decided after university that he wanted to pursue a professional career in basketball, and landed a contract in Sydney with the Sydney Kings. We sold everything, packed all of our belongings in five suitcases and moved to Australia in 2015. After completing Jeromie's basketball contract in 2017, we decided that that wasn't the life path we wanted to take and on a whim, planned our sabbatical year abroad in Bordeaux, France. I adore France and always have a desire to spend more time there. Jeromie was really interested in the wine market, so we thought Bordeaux was the perfect place! We created our Instagram so our friends and family could keep up with our travels around Europe. While Jeromie is my insta husband and professional photographer, I (Madeline) am the person behind the instagram and blog. I thought I would share some facts about us:

The Wining Hills Sydney Australia Travel Blogger

5 facts about me:

  • I am originally from Dripping Springs, Texas (a small town just outside Austin) that's mostly known for its many ways to get drunk- now referred to as "Drunken Springs." There are so many wineries around the city and it's the perfect weekend escape from Austin.

  • I am a pretty picky eater: I won't eat any seafood, mushrooms, and sushi. 

  • However, I have such a big sweet tooth and love anything with chocolate! Jeromie knows this is the way to my heart. :)

  • I learned French in high school and in college studied abroad in Grenoble, France. That trip was LIFE CHANGING and has made me the person I am today! 

  • I only started drinking coffee when we moved to Sydney- the coffee in Australia is so good!

Sydney, Australia


5 facts about Jeromie:

  • Jeromie is originally from Cairns, Australia- AKA a tropical paradise in Northern Australia- could he have ever left this beautiful place? 

  • Jeromie is a Pro Basketball player turned wine marketing enthusiast! He works full time at a wine company here in Sydney. He is the ultimate wine snob. 

  • Most people don't realize this in our pictures, but Jeromie is over 6'8" tall! (just over 2 meters!)

  • He is the king of all dad jokes. He spends half of his day thinking of the wittiest puns. A win for Jeromie is if I crack a smile at any of his jokes. 

  • His favorite place in the world (so far!) is Santorini, Greece. He would do anything for a souvlaki, ouzo and those Oia views! 

The Wining Hills Sydney Australia Travel Blogger

Our Wedding in Santorini, Greece


Traveling is something that has always connected us. We went on our first international trip in college and it really solidified our relationship. We fell in love with Greece and even returned to get married in Santorini in 2016. Our goal has always been to live life to the fullest and make the most of our experience. Our sabbatical year abroad was eye opening to us and really taught us that we can make any dreams that we have come true.

The Wining Hills Sydney Australia Travel Blogger

Napa, California


The Wining Hills Sydney Australia Travel Blogger

Jeromie's basketball game with the Sydney Kings


The Wining Hills Sydney Australia Travel Blogger

Skiing in Zakopane, Poland


Thank you so much for your interest in our travels and for visiting our blog!

xo, Jeromie and Madeline 

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