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How to Spend a weekend in Jervis Bay

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Murray's Beach in the Booderee National Park
Murray's Beach in the Booderee National Park

Jervis Bay is an absolute gem located just an easy three hour drive south of Sydney. It's the perfect weekend getaway from the city. We've teamed up with Riparide to help people discover weekend adventures close to Sydney! It's a privilege to be able to immerse yourself back into nature and visit some of the most pristine beaches Australia has to offer.

Where to stay

Worrowing Wilderness Hut

We spent the weekend at Worrowing Wilderness Hut and it was absolutely incredible! Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds and seeing Kangaroos enjoying their breakfast from your bedroom window! It was an experience I will never forget. Our hut was completely isolated, so it felt like we had so much privacy.

We were able to make a fire at night outside too! Worrowing has all the amenities of a fine hotel, but submersed in the woods. Worrowing is also a very short drive from Hyam's beach and the Booderee National Park.

Our little Wood Oasis

To book our exact accommodation, click here.

Minke Whaler's Cottage

If you're looking for something right on the beach, you must stay at this adorable Airbnb that we stayed at on our last trip! It's a historic bath house from the 1930's and fully renovated to reach all of your comforts. The best part? It's just across the street from the famous Hyam's beach! It's perfect if you just want to spend all of your time at Jervis Bay lounging at the beach.

Things to do

Visit the Booderee National Park

Murray's Beach at the Booderee National Park
Murray's Beach at the Booderee National Park

One of the most beautiful National Parks! There are plenty of nature walks and some of the most stunning beaches! I recommend starting at Murray's beach at the far end of the national park. The beach was so white and the water was the brightest color of blue! We also did the Murray's beach walk and it was nice. There were some beautiful views of the coastline. The walk was quite easy and took about 45 minutes-1 hour.

Murray's Beach at the Booderee National Park
Murray's Beach at the Booderee National Park

To enter into the Booderee National Park, you must purchase a permit. You can easily purchase this online before you enter. The permit is $13 per vehicle. Click here to purchase your permit

Hole in the Wall Jervis Bay
Jeromie is sitting in the "hole in the wall"

We also visited Hole in the Wall beach. The actual "hole in the wall" was nice to look at, but we thought the beach had too much seaweed every where for our taste.

Iluka Beach at Booderee National Park
Iluka Beach at Booderee National Park

Our absolute favorite beach was Iluka beach. Our jaws dropped when we walked to the beach! The Booderee National Park is a must see while you're in Jervis Bay!

Visit Hyam's Beach

Hyam's beach jervis bay
Hyam's Beach- Can you spot us?

This beach is what Jervis Bay is famous for! It really is a must see on your visit. This beach is known for having the whitest sand in all of Australia.

Visit Huskisson

Huskisson, Jervis Bay
Huskisson is so cute!

Huskisson is the cutest beach town! It really is so quintessential Australian. There are a lot of cute shops and restaurants.

Visit the Beecroft National Park

The Lighthouse at Beecroft National Park
The Lighthouse at Beecroft National Park

This national park is free to enter into. It's a great stop on your way back to Sydney. The national park is located about an hour away from Hyam's beach and has views of the opposite side of the Booderee National Park. It is home to one of the first lighthouses in Australia and has stunning views of the coastline. If you visit during the winter, you might be lucky enough to spot a whale!

Honeymoon Bay Beecroft National Park
Honeymoon Bay

We also stopped at Honeymoon Bay. The water was so calm, it's a beautiful beach.

Go Whale Watching!

Jervis bay whale watching
You can barely spot the whales. These are adolescent whales, so not grown to full size.

During the winter months between June- early September, it is possible to spot some of the whales making their migrations north and then back south. This last trip we took to Jervis Bay, we went at the beginning of June and decided to go on a whale watching tour. The boat tour leaves from Huskisson and spends some time spotting dolphins in the bay before venturing out to find some whales. We were very lucky to find about a dozen dolphins that came right up to our boat.

Whale watching in Jervis Bay
These dolphins came right up to our boat! How cool!

Since we were there at the beginning of whale season, we only saw about 3 whales from a distance. Apparently during the peak of the season, you can see up to 30 whales in one boat ride! It was a great experience with Dolphin Watch Cruises. We even went post COVID and they were taking all precautions to make sure there were distances between people on the boat.

Stop in Berry for a wine tasting

We made a quick stop at Two Figs Winery on our way back to Sydney. This was our first time tasting in Berry and we were so impressed. The wine was good. We loved the view from the winery too! Two Figs Winery is perched up on top of a hill and is the perfect spot to spend a relaxing afternoon. The winery does make cheese platters and you can buy a bottle to sit outside at one of their many tables and hang out with friends. Make a reservation online for your tasting as they do get pretty busy! Tastings are $5 a person.

Where to eat:

World Famous Fish and Chips

Located on the main strip in Huskisson, this little fish and chip shop is legit. The fish was so fresh.

5 Little Pigs

This is the cafe to be at for breakfast! The blueberry pancakes were outstanding as well as the Big Pig Brekkie! Click here to view their menu.

Coffee on the Double

This is the cutest Double-Decker Bus renovated into a coffee shop! Super unique and the coffee was great too! Click here for exact location on google maps!

Huskisson bakery

Huskisson Bakery in Jervis Bay
Such a good bakery!

This bakery has it all! Between savory pies and some mouth watering sweets, we had already eaten a big meal and still had to stop!

Hyam's beach cafe

Hyam's beach cafe
Hyam's Beach Cafe- right on the beach and has beautiful views!

Such a convenient stop for breakfast overlooking Hyam's beach. Although we only stopped for some muffins and coffee, the food looked absolutely delicious here.

Berry Donut Van

Berry Donut stop Australia
These Donuts are so worth the stop!

I was told that this was a must visit and oh it did not disappoint! The doughnuts are made fresh to order and are hot when you eat them! So delicious!

Although some parts of this trip were sponsored by Riparide, all opinions are of course our own.

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A guide to Jervis Bay. What to do, where to eat, and what to see!
A guide to Jervis Bay. What to do, where to eat, and what to see!

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