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A Day trip to Coogee Beach with Sumoii Beach Towels

Updated: May 24, 2020

Coogee Beach Sydney Australia
Isn't Coogee Beach so beautiful??

Any day by the beach is a good one and in Australia, we are blessed with an abundance of beautiful beaches! There are over 100 beaches surrounding Sydney, but one of my absolute favorites is Coogee Beach. Located on the East coast, Coogee has such a great laid back vibe. There are plenty of cafes surrounding the beach and it seems like the moment you arrive, you are completely relaxed. 

What to pack:

There are some definite beach day essentials that are completely necessary when going to the beach in Sydney. My list of beach day items are:

- A water bottle: it can get extremely hot and you don’t want to get dehydrated

- Sunscreen: the sun is much stronger in Australia and skipping out on sunscreen is not an option

- A good book

- Walking shoes- if you want to do the Coogee coastal walk

- Sunglasses or a hat

- A swimsuit

- My Sumoii beach towel- What I love about this towel is how compact it is and it easily folds up and fits into my bag. It is not heavy at all like a traditional beach towel and still manages to dry me off after a swim in the ocean. I don’t have to bring a big bag to the beach because everything now fits into my smaller bag.

How to get there:

If you're using public transformation, the easiest way to reach Coogee beach is by bus. You can take the M50 bus from stand H at Town Hall station. It takes about 38 minutes from Town Hall to Coogee Beach.

If you're driving, the parking lots can get quite crowded around the beach. I prefer to park at the parking lot right next to the Coogee Pavilion. The price is $3.80 per hour during the summer. It's best to arrive early in the morning to get a decent parking spot.

Coogee Beach Sydney Australia
This is the Coogee Rock pool located at the far end of the beach!

One of the best parts about Coogee beach is that it's not as crowded as the famous Bondi Beach, and the beach is just as big. There are changing rooms on the beach as well as lockers for rent. It's always easy to snag a spot on the beach and not feel crowded. 

Coogee beach Sydney Australia
This is the start of the Coogee Coastal walk.

After our morning coffee from the Coogee Pavilion, we decided to partake in a little coastal walk from Coogee to Bronte beach. This is one of the most scenic walks in Sydney! With beautiful coastal views, you’re able to walk through all of the smaller beaches and enjoy those cliff coastlines. I was able to pack a mini backpack with all of my beach day essentials- including my Sumoii towels! With bulkier towels, I would have never been able fit everything into my bag. The walk to Bronte beach is about 40 minutes one way and about 3 Km. This is only half way on the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi.

After a big walk along the beaches, we returned to Coogee and were definitely ready for a swim. Laying out our Sumoii towels along the beach, it became super easy to hide our phones in the water resistant pocket and dive into the water for a swim! You can always add sand into the pockets of each corner of the towel to weigh down the corners and the towel will never blow away. The towels are also sand resistant, so when you dry yourself off, no sand will stick to the towel or you. Make sure when swimming at Coogee beach that you stick to swimming between the flags. There are monitored swimming areas by lifeguards to ensure everyone is swimming in a safe location!

After a couple of hours of laying out in the sun, stop by the Coogee Pavilion for a bite to eat! They have excellent seafood platters and also a brick oven for making pizzas. The cafe is located right on the beach, so it’s just an easy walk when you’re finished with your fun in the sun.

Beach days have become so easy and I never thought that a towel would factor so much into enjoying a day out at Coogee. Jeromie is over 6’8” and absolutely loves his Sumoii towel because it big enough for him to lay on! His biggest pet peeve is also tracking sand from the beach into the car. Because these towels are sand proof, that never happens! All sand remains on the beach like it should.

My favorite is that these towels are made from an Aussie company located on the Gold Coast and are made with such high quality. It’s always super important to me to shop local businesses.

I hope you enjoy your day trip to Coogee beach and enjoy this beach as much as I do. It really is one of the best ways to spend the day when visiting Sydney! Make sure to grab your Sumoii beach towel here to make your day to the beach even better!

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