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Visit the Brighton Beach Boxes

Updated: May 24, 2020

Brighton Beach Boxes Melbourne
How cute are these beach boxes?

When visiting Melbourne, one of my bucket list places to go to was the Brighton Beach to see the beach boxes! These cute beach boxes are situated up and down the beach and are so cute and colorful!

Brighton Beach Boxes Melbourne
Make sure to get here early as this beach does get pretty crowded!

What are the Beach Boxes?

Built as early as 1862, These Beach Boxes were originally built as changing rooms for women visiting the beach. Now, these 82 beach boxes located on Brighton Beach are considered historical landmarks. Owners of the Beach Boxes use the boxes today as storage units for their beach accessories. Because they are historical monuments, the owners are unable to make any changes to the boxes including painting the boxes or adding electricity. There is also no camping allowed. Many of the beach boxes are passed down through generations and kept in the family. These beach boxes have a steep price when sold...the latest beach box sold this past year for over $350,000 AUD!

How to get there:

We took an Uber from Sofitel Melbourne, where we were staying, to the Brighton Beach and it took about 20 minutes with no traffic. If taking an Uber, put your end destination as Brighton Life Saving Club...there is a parking lot here and is also the entrance to the beach with the boxes. We arrived early in the morning, so only the locals were enjoying their morning walks on the beach, but I've heard it does get super crowded.

The beach is also accessible by train. The station is called Brighton Beach Railway Station.

Make sure to bring all of your beach essentials like a towel, snacks, water, and sunscreen and enjoy a day soaking up the sun at this beach!

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