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Visit Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are filled with so many hidden trails and wanders. One of the most incredible lookouts is known locally as "Hanging Rock." The official lookout title is Baltzer Lookout along the Burramoko Fire Trail. This lookout may be more of a trek, but it is so worth the time!

How to get there:

The trail is officially known as Burramoko Fire Trail located near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. Start your drive from Sydney along the Great Western Highway towards Blackheath. Just past the town of Blackheath, there's a right turn on Ridgewell Rd. Follow this road and it will turn into a dirt path. You'll notice a small parking lot and an official entrance to the Burramoko Fire Trail. This is the start of your 10km round-trip trek to the Hanging Rock lookout. The drive is about two hours one way from the city center of Sydney.

How is the trail:

This is how the trail looked like most of the way

I am not a hiker, and I felt the trail was fairly comfortable. Definitely pack some comfortable walking shoes. The trail is fairly flat with a few natural inclined slopes to make your way to the lookout. The trail is very well paved with rock and it's located in the natural forest. It was so calm and quiet the entire walk out.

Isn't this view incredible??

It took us about an hour one way to reach the lookout. Please be very careful though as it can be quite windy and there is no fencing around the lookout. Be safe around the cliff edges.

Once you reach the end of the trail, there are some rocks you can climb down to reach the view of Hanging Rock.

You can see the slight gap from the cliff to the Hanging Rock. You have to jump over this to get on the Hanging Rock

WARNING: To get onto the Hanging Rock for a picture, there is a slight gap between the cliff you are hiking on and the "Hanging Rock." It is about 2 feet wide. Please use extreme caution when jumping across. The wind can also be very strong, so take this into consideration when getting on to the Hanging Rock.

What to wear:

Definitely pack some sturdy shoes as this trail can get a little rocky. You do not want to slip the closer you get to the lookout. Also, the Blue Mountains can be slightly cooler than Sydney and definitely windier, so make sure to pack a jacket or an extra layer of clothes that you're used to in the city.

Check the weather before you go. You do not want to visit when it's going to be super foggy as you won't be able to see anything. This happens all the time in the Blue Mountains.

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