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Why you need to visit Blue Apple Beach House in Cartagena, Colombia

Updated: May 24, 2020

Blue Apple Beach House

One of our favorite days in Cartagena de Indias was a day trip to Blue Apple Beach House! Cartagena is a very coastal city, but the beaches are not the greatest to hang out at. Luckily, there are some beautiful islands just a short boat trip away. We wanted something very relaxing and Blue Apple Beach House was perfect.

Blue Apple Beach House
Our Beach Cabana at Blue Apple Beach House

We made our reservation to Blue Apple Beach House online. We had to put a down payment of $10 USD or 30,000 pesos per person to reserve our spot for the day. Once on the island, you must pay the rest of the fee. It totals to about $30 USD (or 90,000 pesos) for the whole day. This covers your transfer to and from the island, a day bed for the day, and towels. There is a requirement that you spend 100,000 pesos on the island for food and drinks. This is about $40 USD and is very easy to do. The drinks and food for lunch were incredible, so we were happy to spend this! Click HERE to make your reservation online!

Blue Apple Beach House
Clearly I'm living my best life!

The staff went above and beyond to make our experience incredible. We mentioned in our booking that we would prefer a beach daybed, and when we arrived, we found our name on a bed! One of the staff members came to our cabana and gave us menus for the day. Everything was so organized. We ordered our drinks and lunch very early and arranged a time for our lunch to be ready.

At exactly 1 PM, we were asked to come to our table and our food was instantly ready. Oh it was so good! My mom started with the ceviche and had the seafood chowder as her main. I started with the gazpacho soup and thai meat. It was absolutely delicious!

Blue Apple Beach House
Just look at those Hammocks!

The rest of the day, we spent rotating from swimming in the ocean to swimming in the pool. The water was the perfect temperature!

Blue Apple Beach House
The water was the PERFECT temperature!

I highly recommend you make a day trip to Blue Apple Beach House when you visit Cartagena! It was one of our favorite days!

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