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Windin Falls- Exact Directions on How to Get There!

One of the most epic waterfalls I've ever been to is Windin Falls! It's located in an obscure part of Tropical North Queensland were there is no cell service and prehistoric creatures! Yes- you might run into a Cassowary during your hike there!

WARNING- there is no cell service mid way on Glen Allyn Rd, so I suggest taking screen shots of directions and roadmaps so you don't get lost!

Directions to Windin Falls

This waterfall has nearly a 200 m drop into the valley!

So to start, Windin Falls is located on the Atherton Tableland. It's about a 1 hr and 18 min drive or 76 km to get to the largest town closest to the falls which is Malanda. I've broken the drive into 3 steps to let you know the driving directions to this fall. There is no cell service in this area, so again, I suggest taking screenshots of these directions to help you get there.

Step 1:

Just before you reach Malanda from Lake Barrine Rd, turn left onto Malanda Millaa Millaa Rd. You'll notice the Malanda Dairy Centre with a giant tractor on the right hand side.

The third left on Malanda Millaa Millaa Rd is Glen Allyn Rd. Take this turn. This is also the directions to visit Nerada Tea Farm, so you might see a brown sign pointing this direction.

Follow Glen Allyn past Nerada Tea Farm. There are some forks in the road, so make sure you always take the Glen Allyn Road. It should take about 10 minutes driving to make it to Nerada Tea Farm.

Step 2:

Continue along Glen Allyn Road until you see a fork in the road for Topaz Rd. Take the road to the left. The first Right on Topaz Rd is Old Cairns Track. Take this road! If you see Lamin's Hill Lookout, you're in the right spot!

Step 3:

Continue down the Old Cairns Track to the very end. There is a small car park and you'll begin to notice signs to Windin Falls! It's about a 7-10 minute drive down this road.

WARNING: Most of the driving is done on unpaved roads and can be quite bumpy!

What to Bring

Windin Falls is quite a strenuous walk, so make sure to bring some proper walking shoes. I would suggest packing a backpack with some water, snacks, as well as towels and a swimsuit for a dip in the falls once you get there! This is also in the tropics, so if you are visiting during wet season (December- March) you might get rained on. If you have a drone, this would also be epic to take as the waterfalls look incredible from above!

The Hike

The Hike to Windin Falls is 11 km round trip! It takes about an hour to get there and an hour to return to your car, so I would leave ample time to visit!

A Cassowary up close!
Another local we met on the trail!

Please be careful as this is an area known to have many cassowaries! These prehistoric birds are roaming around and you may spot one from a distance. These birds can be pretty aggressive and dangerous if they feel threatened. If you do find a cassowary, do not make any sudden movements! They will feel more threatened and could charge at you and hurt you. Instead, calmly find a tree to hide behind or protect yourself. Move your backpack to your chest to protect your chest and patiently wait for the cassowary to leave. More than anything, they are just curious as to why you are there.

There are also some snakes on the trail, so keep an eye out for them too! We got so lucky and ran into both! Let me tell you- I never want to come face to face with a cassowary again!

This is just one of many epic waterfalls in Tropical North Queensland! If this hike is too strenuous or time consuming for you, check out these other gorgeous spots to visit!

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